Teen Arab couple's illicit affair: Boy to be deported, girl on parole

Four alleged rapists were acquitted

A teen age Arab couple who reported four men to the police for alleged abduction and rape were both convicted by a UAE court of having an illicit relationship while the four were acquitted of rape charges in a court case reminiscent of exciting courtroom films.

The four did confess to intercepting the couple’s car, smashing its glass and kidnapping the girl but they denied raping her. The chief suspect said he had intended to have sex with her but changed her mind on the grounds she could be virgin.

The movie-like incident had taken place recently just after mid night in Dhafra south of Abu Dhabi city, where the boy was driving his girl friend to his house to see his sister.

He told court that when he looked in the mirror, he saw a pick-up tailing his car, adding that he sped and went home with the 16-year-old girl.

As the couple stepped out of the house half an hour later, they noticed that the van was still in the area. Ignoring it, the boy drove his girl friend back home but again he was shadowed by that van, which was later joined by a four-wheel land cruiser.

A risky chase ensued and the boy tried to dodge the two other vehicles and reach the girl’s house before his car was intercepted and hit by the van.

Four men got out of the two cars and rushed towards the couple, prompting the boy to lock the doors. But they used metal bars to smash the windows and snatch the girl out of the car before taking her to an isolated area deep in the desert.

The unidentified girl told court she was raped but the defendant who was left on his own with her admitted to have ordered her to take her clothes off.

“But he denied accusations that he had sex with her…he said that he changed his mind as he was worried that she could be virgin,” Emirat Alyoum daily said.

Medical examination ordered by court showed the girl had sex with her boyfriend at least ten times and that none of the four alleged kidnappers was involved in this.

The court on Sunday acquitted the four of rape charges but convicted them of assault, threatening human life and damaging property. It sentenced them to four months in jail and fined them Dh10,000 each.

The court sentenced the unnamed boy to six months in prison and ordered his deportation from the UAE on charges of having sex with the girl. It also convicted the girl but placed her on parole for one year.


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