Thieves steal safe weighing 100kg

A Pakistani and two other fugitives allegedly broke into a restaurant and stole Dh3,000 in cash in addition to a safe weighing 100kg that contained Dh6,000, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On February 27, 2013 at around 1am, the restaurant closed and at around 5.45am, it was discovered that someone had entered the restaurant, using a tool and broke the drawer in which Dh3,000 was kept.

“We also discovered that the safe, which weighed 100kg and contained Dh5,000 and 13 health cards of the staff, was missing,” testified, TB, 50, Indian, from the restaurant.

Police found the broken safe in a sandy area.

On the day following the theft, police arrested AR, 38 for his involvement in the theft and other similar crimes.

The court will give its sentence on March 30.