Top UAE court stops deportation of 2 expats

The UAE’s top court halted the deportation of two expatriates ordered expelled by a lower court for failing to report a communications offence by their friend, saying that court over-reacted in its ruling.

The two unidentified defendants had been convicted of failing to report their friend, who was accused of violating the country’s telecommunications regulations by offering unlicensed phone services to the public.

A court of first instance fined the two Dh1,000 and ordered their deportation, prompting them to appeal the verdict. They then resorted to the Federal Supreme Court (FSC) after the appeals court upheld that sentence.

FSC said a court can order the deportation of defendants involved in criminal activity or sexual crimes, adding that a fine is enough in the case of those two.

“The court and the appeals court imposed a fine against the two and ordered their deportation for failing to report an office…they have made a mistake in the enforcement of the law,” the court said.

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