Tourist robs woman in street, Dubai court told

A Pakistani visitor allegedly assaulted a woman, snatched her smartphone and gold necklace worth Dh1,700 before escaping from the scene, the Dubai Criminal Court was told in a hearing on Tuesday.

On 27 March, the woman, LR, was walking in an isolated street when a man suddenly appeared and robbed her.

The victim reported the theft to the police and gave his facial description.

Police identified the attacker as TA after a number of theft victims giving the same facial description.

Dubai Police trapped the accused, TA, and arrested him on April 27.

“The accused resisted his arrest,” testified Corporal Mohsen Mohammed.

When confronted with the theft charges, the accused admitted to the crime. Police confiscated the mobile phone also of the victim, who recognised the accused when shown to her during an identification parade.

Medical reports said the victim sustained bruises and injuries to her chest.

The court will announce its verdict on October 2, 2016.