Trusted driver molests employer’s wife in office

A 57-year-old Pakistani driver, KRD, allegedly molested his employer’s wife, taking advantage of the fact that they were alone in the office, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

The victim, ABM, 28, Pakistani, office-in-charge, testified that on October 11 at around 1pm, when she was in the office of her husband’s business in Murshid Souq, she called the driver KRD who had been working for her husband for a long time.

“He is an old man and so was treated a family member. I called him to ask him to bring me lunch while coming to the office. At 1.30pm, he came and brought me lunch. I washed my hands and sat on the floor to eat. All of a sudden, he came from my back, hugged me strongly, pushed me to the floor and kissed me. Then he groped my breast underneath my clothes and sharply bit my nipple.

“I resisted him and screamed for help. I scratched his face with my nails, pushed him away with all my force and got up.  I rushed to the balcony where there was a steel bar with which I hit him on his shoulder.  I warned him not to come close to me.

“People were gathering below the balcony after hearing my screams. He also threatened to hit me. When I called my husband, he ran away,” she testified, adding that the people outside called and informed the police.

Her husband’s brother NAA, 38, Pakistani businessman,  testified that he received a call from his brother, asking him to rush to the office as he was far away and as his wife was facing a problem.
“I rushed to the office and saw my brother’s wife crying hysterically. I calmed her down and she told me how the driver had tried to molest her. After some time, police arrived,” he testified.

The victim sustained slight injuries on her arms,  a bite on her nipple and scratches on her face. 

The driver denied the accusation and told the court that he had only asked his employer’s wife to pay him a monthly salary of Dh1,500.

The court will give its verdict on January 13.

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