Two burglars targeted villas in residential communities

Two Algerians allegedly broke into a villa at the Community and burgled a safe that contained jewellery, cheque books and passports, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

LS, 29, unemployed, and AB, 25, student, are accused of committing a theft in the villa of MH, British, 36, on February 25.

Two Bangladeshis identified as SHJ, 22, electrician, and YMR, 28, salesman, are accused of possessing stolen items.

The victim testified that as he returned to his house in the Community with his family and maid at around 9pm, he noticed that the safe had been burgled and some gold rings and earrings, four watches, nine cheque books and four ATM cards, $300 and 3,000 pesos, mobile phones and some documents were missing. 

He also discovered that a laptop computer, camera and a Blackberry mobile phone were also missing from his desk.

The back door of the villa was broken open.

First Corporal Mohammed Ali testified that, by using modern technology, the police could reach the user of the Blackberry in Rolla. 

When arrested, SHJ said that he bought the Blackberry for Dh250 from YMR and he guided the police to the shop. YMR confessed to buying the Blackberry, a laptop and a camera from LS and AB.

While the police were investigating the theft, they got information about another theft in a house in Arabian Ranches. The victim managed to catch one of the thieves.

Police arrived at the scene and arrested LS who had a car. LS confessed that he had agreed with AB to burgle houses in residential communities. “We used to tell the security guard that we wanted to visit a friend to be allowed in. We used to observe houses for some time and when we are sure that nobody is in, we used to break into the house,” he said.

The two confessed before the prosecution to burgling the villa at the Community and other houses using a screw driver and gloves. The four denied the accusation when they appeared before the court which will reconvene on June 20.

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