Visitor caught with 3.2kgs of cocaine

Nigerian transit visitor possessed 146 capsules. (Shutterstock)

A Nigerian transit visitor who possessed 146 capsules containing more than 3.2Kgs of cocaine has been awarded 10 years in jail.

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance also ordered IS, 34, to pay Dh50,000 fine. The convict will be deported after serving his jail term.

An Anti-Narcotics officer, Omar Salem, suspected transit passenger IS who looked scared, confused and was dragging a brown handbag.

"I stopped him and asked him about his destination, he was shivering and sweating as he responded. He said that he flew in from Sao Paulo, Brazil and was heading to Lagos in Nigeria.

"After confirming that the handbag was his, the passenger was taken for further investigation," said the officer.

Airport police found two socks that were stuffed with capsules and the passenger admitted that the capsules contained cocaine.

The accused said that he had swallowed 89 capsules but could swallow anymore so he hid them in the socks.

IS told investigators that he was transporting the drugs from Brazil to Nigeria via Dubai against BRL6,000 (Dh6619).

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