Waitress groped at Dubai club

A drunken manager from Denmark allegedly groped a beach club waitress’ buttocks while she was explaining the club’s rules to his two friends, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

ORS, 44, is also accused of abusing GR and JH using abusive language and consuming alcohol on June 8.

GD, 29, Macedonian waitress at a beach club, testified that while she was on duty at around 6.30pm, the accused came with two friends  and wanted to book a table without an order from the club.

“While I was explaining to the accused that they cannot book a table because of the rules of the club, he was coming closer to me and I was moving back. As he continued to come closer, I looked towards his friends and asked them to make him understand.

“While I was busy talking to his friends, he walked behind me and groped my buttocks firmly. When I shouted and screamed at him, the security staff came and asked the three to go out,” she testified.

APS, 32, Indian security guard, testified that as per rules, customers suspected to be drunk were to be observed by the security staff.

“The three men looked drunk so I continued observing them. They sat at a table directly without any prior booking as per the rules. The club’s official asked them to leave the place as they had not booked a table earlier. They went to the swimming pool and ORS swam in his clothes. Again the employee in charge of the swimming pool asked them to leave the place. Then they went and sat at one of the tables.

“The club’s official and  waitress went to them to explain the rules to them and to ask them to leave the club as they were violating the rules. While the waitress was talking to them, I saw ORS stepping behind her and groping her buttocks. I rushed to her and I forcibly pushed him out of the club as he was under the influence of alcohol and unable to control his behaviour.  He resisted and his friends apologised on his behalf,” he testified.

Criminal evidences reported that the CCTV recording of the club showed a man groping the waitress’ buttocks and a security guard rushing and pushing him out.

The accused denied the accusation of molestation but admitted to consuming alcohol.

The court will reconvene on December 5.


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