Woman acquitted of charges of biting cop

The court was convinced by his logic. (Shutterstock)

Dubai Court acquitted an Egyptian woman of charges of biting a policewoman, reported ‘Emarat Al Youm’.

The court based its judgement following contradictions in statements of the victim and the witnesses about the incident.

The 29-year-old woman’s lawyer said that she was feeling sick while at the mall and was vomiting in the washroom when the policewoman contacted her.

Apparently, one of the cleaners informed the policewoman that the defendant was inside the washroom for more than half-an-hour and was not coming out. So the policewoman knocked at the door and she was informed by the Egyptian woman that she was vomiting.

The policewoman asked her to call an ambulance, but the woman said that she was by then feeling better after throwing up, explained her lawyer.

According to the policewoman, when she asked the woman to accompany her to the police station, she bit on her arm. Even a witness confirmed that the woman had bit the cop on her right arm.

However, the defendant’s lawyer claimed that the forensic reports claimed otherwise. There was no mention of any injury on the medical reports, he said and added that the only mention was of the policewoman suffering from pain in her elbows.

The lawyer argued how pain could be seen as it’s just a feeling and so it cannot be attributed to the incident. He also claimed that the witness and the cop worked at the same place and requested the court to drop the charges against his client.

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