Woman kills rapist, reports to Dubai police

A 28-year-old Ugandan visitor allegedly stabbed a man when he tried to rape her in her flat in Fareej Al Marrar area, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

After stabbing, SK, Ugandan, the accused, EK, left the flat and the building shouting “I have killed someone.”

Then EK went to the police station and reported the crime.

PW, 27, Ugandan, watchman, testified that he met his friend the victim, SK, on the day of crime at around 9am.

“The victim asked me to drop him in Fareej Al Marrar area at around 11am; upon reaching here he told him that he’s going to the third floor of the nearby building. I waited for him and called him on his mobile but he did not answer. So I went into the building and saw a woman wearing a short rose-coloured skirt rushing down the stairs with her hands stained with blood. Another woman whom I knew was coming out of the building’s lift. I asked the woman why she ignored me. She answered me that her friend had stabbed a man, so I called the police. When police arrived, I went with them into the flat and saw the victim in a pool of blood; I do not know why the accused stabbed him,” he testified before the court.

Major Adel Abdullah testified that while he was investigating a theft, he received information about a murder in Fareej Al Marrar area.

“I saw PW at the entrance of the building. He told me that his friend has been stabbed by a woman whom he saw leaving the building, saying: ‘I killed him… I killed him.’ I notified the officer on duty in the police station who told me that the accused came to the station to report the crime and was in a very confused state of mind and was saying: ‘I killed somebody’”, he said.

Lieutenant Daifullah Saeed testified that on April 7 at around 12.30pm while he was on duty, the accused came to the Naif Police Station crying and shivering. She informed him that she had killed a man who had attempted to rape her.

She told the officer that she was lying on her bed in her room when all of a sudden a man whom she had met once approached her and wanted to have sex with her. She resisted but he insisted onsex with her, so she took a knife from the kitchen and stabbed him and rushed to the flat’s door which was closed; but her roommate Sara opened the door for her. Asking her the whereabouts of the knife, she said that she got rid of it. On asking her about the reason for stabbing him, she said that it was in self-defence to protect her hounour as the accused wanted to sexually assault her.

The accused was taken to the scene of the crime and admitted that she killed SK. She initially told the officer that she threw the knife in the street and later admitted that she had hidden it in a flat on the fourth floor. Police broke into the flat and confiscated the knife underneath a sofa.

Forensic doctor Ashraf Ibrahim, 52,  testified that there were no traces of violence in the room or on the body of the victim and the accused.

The accused stabbed the victim on the left side of his chest, cutting deep enough to reach his heart. The victim had only one stab and it seemed that he did not defend himself.

Forensic reported that the victim was lying on his back on the ground between two beds in a pool of blood due to a deep wound in his chest. There were also traces of blood at the flat’s entrance and door and on the stairs between the third and fourth and the second floors.

There were also traces of blood on the bell button of another flat in the building and the knife used in the crime.

The Prosecution accused EK of premeditated murder and asked the Court to implement the stiffest penalty. The Court will reconvene on August 2.

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