Woman visits police station, lands in prison

Visitor from Cameroon used Gambian woman’s ID card

A visitor from Cameroon, who went a police station to hand over clothes to a detainee, herself landed in jail when she used an ID card belonging to a woman under arrest, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On October 3, TNB, 26, went to Al Muraqqabat police station to hand over clothes to a detainee. When she was asked for an ID, she presented a card belonging to a   woman identified as FM.

“I checked the name in the system and found out that FM, a Gambian, is under arrest by Sharjah police on bounced cheque complaint. I noticed that the picture on the ID card is different from the appearance of the woman standing in front of me, so I checked her name several times and each time the visitor insisted that her name is FM. Then I completed the arrest formalities and detained her for referring her to Sharjah police,” testified Sergeant Omar Raisi.

While in detention, TNB confessed that she had used another woman’s ID card and revealed her real name and nationality.

Police found out that the ID card was genuine and that it belongs to FM.

The court will say its verdict on November 29.


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