Women who sold sex stimulators acquitted

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance acquitted two Nigerian female students of possessing sex stimulation drugs for sale on the grounds of insufficient evidence.

JYS, 32, and her accomplice FS, 25, claimed to buyers that the tablets they possessed were for sexual stimulation.

According to the records, Captain Yaser Saeed testified that police received a tip off about JYS possessing sex stimulation drugs and is looking for buyers.

A police informer agreed with JYS to buy the tablets for Dh2,400. He was given a car and money by the police to proceed with the deal.

JYS arrived at the agreed location at Fareej Al Marrar area. She got into the car and was arrested  during the handing over operation.

“Police confiscated 35 tablets which she claimed are sex stimulators. She willingly gave us another 23 tablets.  She claimed that she got the tablets from FS who admitted that after her arrest. FS also confessed that she gave the tablets to JYS to sell them and to divide the profit between them. FS claimed that she got the tablets from a woman called Fimi who had smuggled them into the country,” testified Captain Yaser.

Urine tests proved that FS, 25, had taken drugs.

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