13-year old breaks into 17 cars in Ramadan

Kuwaiti CIDs were confronted with an expert car thief who broke in to 17 cars during Ramadan.

When they finally caught him, they found he was just 13 years old.

According to a report in arabtimesonline.com, the Iranian juvenile has been arrested.

The young boy was allegedly caught by a car owner in the act and referred to the CID.

During interrogations, the suspect admitted that he stole vehicles and its components.

He claimed that he intensified his activities during Ramadan as many people stayed at home during the daytime.

According to the report, officers used the information given by the boy and raided shops of three Syrians whom he supplied stolen goods to.

Moroccan wife escapes husband harassing her

Police have arrested an unidentified Moroccan wife of a Kuwaiti man who is believed to be in her 20s after the husband had filed a missing persons report on her at the Hawalli Police Station, reports Al-Rai daily.

During interrogation the wife said she escaped from the house because the husband was mean and was harassing her.

She has been handed over to the husband. It has been reported the Moroccan was staying with her friend in Salmiya after escaping from the house of her husband.

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