250 divers comb Wadi to find missing 2-year old girl… torn apart

Syrian girl went missing during a picnic with her family in Saudi Arabia

A two-year-old Syrian girl who went missing during a picnic with her family in Saudi Arabia nine days ago was found floating in the water without her head.

Her hands were also missing and police believe the head and the hands had likely been eaten by fish and rodents as they were the only parts of her body that were uncovered.

Quoted by local newspapers, police said the rest of the body was intact as it was apparently protected by the girl’s clothes.

More than 250 divers had combed the water-filled valley in search for Zahra, who was playing near the edge during a family picnic in a Wadi (valley) near the capital Riyadh before she went missing.

A Saudi man driving past the valley saw her body floating on the water on Sunday and phoned the police, the papers said.

“The body was sighted nearly 19 km from the place where Zahra was reported missing,” the Arabic language daily Sabq said.

Quoted by Alriyadh newspaper, a senior police officer said the girl’s body had been taken to the coroner to determine the causes of her death. He said police are still investigating how the child had gone missing in that rugged area.



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