Angry maid serves food mixed with urine

Family members were suspicious when they found a strange taste in the meal

People who mistreat their housemaid should begin to have second thoughts as they might never imagine where she would strike back. In Saudi Arabia, the counter-attack came in the family’s food and the weapon deployed was urine.

Just after they finished their meal, the family members began to wonder why the food had a strange taste as were previous meals. When the Saudi man asked his Asian housemaid, she just pretended to be as surprised as him.

“The man then decided to act…he took part of that food and went straight to the laboratory,” the Saudi Arabic language daily Kabar said in a report from the northern town of Arar close to the border with Iraq.

“Test results showed the food was mixed with urine…only then the man realized it was the maid’s urine since she cooks for the family….he thought she might be avenging bad treatment by some members of the family and decided to hand her over to the police.”

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