‘Candy man’ arrested for raping 16 underage girls

A 26-year old Moroccan has been arrested and charged with sexually assaulting 16 minor girls.

According to the news website hespress.com, the man would use candy to attract the girls as they walked home from school or went to shops to buy stuff.

The horrific case has revealed that the most of the girls were below the age of 10.

Investigations began, when one of his victims informed her parents.

Vice squad arrest woman for luring young girls during Ramadan

Egyptian police have arrested an unemployed man and a housewife on grounds of infidelity during the holy month of Ramadan.

Promising young girls a high sum of money, the lady would influence them to sleep with men.

According to a report in reported Al Wafd newspaper she was soon arrested along with the man in her apartment when neighbours complained that she was running a brothel in her apartment.

Police entered the flat and saw a man in an intimate position with a 19-year old girl. 

The young lady confessed to the police that she had met the accused near her residence in Kafr El-Sheikh. She was then brought to this apartment to please the man.

Investigations continue.


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