Conman's ‘Dh600 plus mobile phone’ trick leaves victim stone cold

Man stopped in street, promised riches, cheated of belongings

An Egyptian man was the victim of a con, where he bought a stone from a street vendor for 1000 Egyptian pounds.

According to a report in Al Fajr newspaper, the incident took place in town of Beni Suef.

The victim told the police that he is a driver and was on his way home after receiving his salary, when he was stopped by an old man.

The victim, identified as Mohammed S, says the man wore white had a white beard and white prayer beads.

“The man stopped me and correctly called my name and said that I will have lots of money and asked me to build a mosque,” Mohammed says.

The man then showed the victim a stone and said the stone had special powers and would be the source of my riches.

He then threw the stone to the end of the street and asked me to go and bring it.

However, he insisted that I take off my shoes and give him everything in my pocket - even my mobile.

He added that after that I brought the stone and returned to the place where he was standing, my life would change.

“As soon as I picked up the stone and turned around, I found that the man had disappeared,” says Mohammed.

The money in the wallet amounted to 1,000 pounds, besides the telephone and shoes.

Mohammed ran to the police station barefoot to file a complaint.



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