For family honour: Mom kills self, two daughters

An Egyptian mother set fire to herself and her two daughters as she could not bear their ‘misconduct’ of going out and coming late as it ‘spoiled the family’s reputation’ among the neighbors, reported Sada Al Balad newspaper.

Giza Police Department received a tip from 6th October Hospital about the arrival of a housewife and her two daughters suffering severe burns which led to their death upon arrival at the hospital.

Investigations revealed that an altercation had broken out between the mother and her two daughters because they stayed away for long periods and had multiple boyfriends, which led to bad reputation among neighbours.

The angry mother poured kerosene on the body of her two daughters and her body and set fire to them and in herself.

The fire spread to their apartment alerting the neighbors who broke the door of the apartment, but could not save them.

The mother is divorced and had taken the custody of her daughters from her husband.

The investigations and the neighbours’ testimony revealed that she was always quarreling with them because they used to go out of the house for long periods.

The victims were buried and the prosecution was notified.

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