Girl student 'farms' Dh19k con on teacher

Farm. (Shutterstock)

A Kuwaiti teacher accused his student of fooling him and embezzling KD1,600 (Dh19,500) from him, after promising to sell him a farm.

This story has gone viral on social media.

Details of the case as per Al Rawdah Police Station, show that the student told her teacher that she knows of a farm on sale.

The teacher was interested in buying it and the student told him that he must pay KD1,600 to reserve it.

The teacher said that he gave her the money, but then she did not proceed with the transaction.

He then had to repot the case at the police station, which started investigation.

Many on social media blamed the teacher as it is obvious that she was fooling him.

Nora, a Kuwaiti girl said that how can he believe that the first installment for buying a farm is KD1,600?

“It was clear that she was fooling him.

“It cost you more than this amount to buy a car than how can he pay such low installment for buying a farm?”

Others shared similar views and said that no matter who is offering to sell something, one should always be careful and not give money away based on trust and no official documents.

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