Magician uses bones to cast spell on family of 9

He cast a spell on the family at the request of an unknown woman, who paid him Dh7,000. (Sabq)

A Sudanese man in Saudi Arabia is believed to have used bones and other items to cast a magic spell on a local family of nine, causing most of them to fall ill for years.

Saudi Arabia's Islamic police finally discovered the witchcraft and arrested the magician, who was sentenced by a court in the central province of Al Rass to two years in prison and ordered to be lashed in public, Sabq newspaper said.

The unnamed man confessed to the crime and led members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice to the magic items he had buried near the family’s house, the paper said.

He told police that he cast a magic spell on that family at the behest of an unknown woman, who paid him SR7,000 (Dh7,000).

"Police unearthed bones, hair, a copy of the Quran stained by blood and other items he used to cast his spell on the nine members of that family," the paper said.

"The court sentenced him to two years in prison and ordered him lashed... but that family called on authorities to execute him after its members suffered from physical and psychological illnesses for years."

Witchcraft is strictly banned in conservative Saudi Arabia, where many people have been beheaded over the past years for involvement in black art.

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