Maid raped; cleaner held for attempting to rape coma patient

Three Kuwaiti men targeting a Sri Lankan housemaid waited for her to finish shopping and walk back home before jumping on her and bundling her in their car. They then took turns in raping her despite her incessant screams.

The maid told police the three wore Kuwaiti clothes and spoke local accent when they intercepted her as she walked back home from the supermarket in Kuwait City. The maid said she tried to resist but they overpowered her.

“They bundled her in their car, took her to a deserted place behind a building and raped her…police are still hunting for the rapists,” Alanba daily said. 

Kuwaiti killer of “sarcastic” friends gets death 

A Kuwaiti Sunni Muslim who converted to Shiite (Shia) murdered two friends after they scoffed at him for his decision.

A court in the Gulf emirate had first sentenced him to life in jail but an appeals court ordered his execution.

The court sentenced him to death on Monday despite a medical report showing the defendant is suffering from schizophrenia and other mental problems.

“He confessed to stabbing his two friends to death because they made fun of him after converting to Shia Muslim,” Alanba daily said.

Police said a hospital report showed the defendant has been treated at the psychological section for nearly 16 years.

“The report showed he is suffering from schizophrenia and other psychological problems that make him unable to control his actions,” the paper said.

Cleaner arrested for attempting to rape coma patient

In an act of desperation a hospital cleaner attempted raping an 18 year old girl lying in coma in the Intensive Care Unit, reported Arabic daily Al Youm Al Sabea’a.

One of the hospital staff grew suspicious upon seeing the cleaner sneaking into the ICU unit where entry is permitted to physicians only.

The staff saw him undressing the girl who was in coma after she met with an accident. He  questioned  SI, the cleaner  immediately  asked him to redress the girl.

SI claimed that he had entered the room to clean it. 

Police has referred the case for a quick trial due to the seriousness of the crime.


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