Man celebrates divorce with party

A Saudi man celebrated parting from his wife by getting a cake and writing a message of ‘Congratulate me, I got divorced’ on it.

He then celebrated the event with his friends.

Pictures of this celebration spread on the social media, with mixed reactions from viewers.

Many felt that the end of a marriage is a sad thing and no matter what the reasons, the man should never make fun of such a thing and celebrate the divorce this way.

On the other hand, others said that the way this man behaved showed that he had suffered a lot and this is the reason for his behaviour.

One woman commented on one of the social media channels that this man could have danced a secret dance alone in his room and there was no need for him to buy a cake, write such a message and make it public.

Another Saudi man said that nowadays, it is a common thing to see women having divorce parties and celebrating with their friends, and that’s why nobody should blame this man as this is not the first time such a party has taken place.

“The  only difference is that this time it is the man who threw the party not the woman.”
Others suggested the man might have psychological problems.

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