Man microwaves cat sparking furore

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A Lebanese man caught a cat, forced it into a microwave oven and turned it on, pushing the little pet into an indescribable process of pain before its death.

Newspapers in the region said the unnamed man was so savage and rude that he not only enjoyed the heinous crime, but he published it on YouTube.

A few hours later, the film was taken off for violating YouTube rules but parts of it were carried on Lebanon's TV. “The film caused a big shock go viewers.

Those who saw it called for executing the man while others called for jailing him for a long time,” said the Kuwaiti daily Al Anba, which published the film. “Some who saw the film called for executing the man in a microwave.” The paper said there is no law in Lebanon punishing people involved in such acts.

Saudi kills two wolves to avenge dead sheep

A Saudi farmer killed two wolves in revenge for their attacks on his sheep, of which 15 were killed in just a few days, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

Mohammed Al Jaadi decided to stalk the two wolves in the nearby hills in the western town of Adham and waited for several hours before stopping one of them.

“He killed the male and waited for the female, which later came to search for the male. He killed her and hanged the two by a tree to illustrate his courage in line with traditions in that area,” Sabq daily said, adding that the villagers celebrated the killing of the two wolves for two days. 

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