Mass harassment in Saudi park

New YouTube video show girls had come to the park on a motorcycle. (Screen grab)

In an update to the earlier story published on this website, Mass harassment of 2 girls in park spurs massive manhunt, a new video has emerged showing the two girls riding a motorcycle in the park and gesturing the men in the area.

Saudi police have already arrested most men seen in a YouTube film harassing two girls in a public park in the Gulf Kingdom but a legal adviser and other people said the two girls should also be punished for being seductive.
Saudi police went on alert during the Eid Al Fitr break last week to catch a large number of young men seen in the film harassing two local girls in a public park.
Newspapers quoted police in the Western Red Sea port of Jeddah and nearby Makkah as saying they have seized most of those seen in the film and that they would be tried on charges of molesting women in a public place.
A YouTube film published by the Arabic language Sada newspaper showed a large crowd of men surrounding the two girls, shoving them and filming them with their mobiles despite the girls' pleas to leave them alone.

"A new film showed that the two girls had come to the park on a motorcycle and were seen making seductive moves," Sabq said on Wednesday.
The paper said it had received letters from a large number of readers calling on authorities to arrest the two girls for encouraging men to molest them.
"What those two girls did amounts to seduction and they should be punished...it is not fair that only the men who harassed them are arrested because they were encouraged by those girls... I believe all of them are guilty," said Yehya Al Shahrani, a legal adviser.


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