Poverty forces Egyptian mom to poison 8-month old daughter

Mother was divorced and failed to get job to manage her life

Poverty forced an Egyptian housewife to poison her 8-month old daughter, because she was unable to buy food.

In a heart-breaking report in the Al Masa'a newspaper, the mother poisoned the milk she gave her child, but then panicked and rushed her to hospital.

The police received a tip from Ademerdash Hospital stating the arrival of a baby identified as Mariam Aladdin Farouk in a very serious condition due to poisoning.

The 33-year old mother, identified as Zainab Sa'ad Abdo, admitted she fed her daughter rat poison mixed with water, sugar, and biscuits, because she had money to buy milk and wanted to rid her child of suffering from hunger.

The mother added she was divorced recently from her husband, who works as a cleaner in Cairo Municipality and she failed to get a job to be able to manage her life.

The police have referred the mother to the public prosecution.

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