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Saudi killer lured maids, raped them, hid bodies

The Saudi Arabia Shariah Court sentenced a man to death on charges of killing domestic helpers.

'Al Hayat' newspaper reported that the accused, Awdhah, rejected the ruling and said he would appeal the verdict.

Dubbed as a "serial killer", he is accused of luring housemaids and raping them before killing them. He even disfigured one of them.

He confessed to committing the first crime two years ago on September 8 in Yanbu. He happened to know the Asian girl - Halima - through phone conversations. Gradually he persuaded her to run away from her sponsor. He picked her up from the North Corniche of Yanbu in his car and took her to one of his guest homes and sexually abused her. He later beat her and choked her with a pillow and buried her in a sandy area on Yanbu Palm Road.

He committed the second crime in Yanbu Industrial area when he successfully persuaded another maid who was sitting alone in a car  park to go with him. He took her to an isolated place and raped her first then killed her and buried the body before returning home.

Recounting the third crime, he said that he met an Asian housemaid  near Al Asyaly footbridge and took her to his home. He attempted to rape her in his bedroom while his wife and children where at home. But she managed to escape from his clutches. However, he chased her down and stabbed her. She fell on the road, when he picked her up and dumped her in his car and returned home. He then poured benzene on her and buried her in a deserted area and returned home.