Saudi morgue worker rapes dead woman

A Bangladeshi morgue worker waited for most hospital staff members to leave late night, sneaked back in and raped a dead woman before he was caught red handed. He told police it was not the first time he raped a corpse.

Shaker, 33, was caught by a Saudi employee having sex to a dead woman inside the morgue at a government hospital in the Western town of Makkah.

“The employee was so furious that he started to slap Shaker on the face many times…he then called the hospital officials and the police,” Sada daily said.

“The Bangladeshi confessed to having committed indecent acts to the dead woman and said it was not the first time he had sex with a corpse at that morgue.”

The paper it was the first crime of its kind recorded by Saudi police, adding that it should prompt hospitals to install security cameras inside their morgues.


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