Saudi sparks panic over 'AIDS' maid

A Saudi man triggered panic in Saudi Arabia after sending text messages to hundreds of mobile phones warning them not to deal with his absconding Asian housemaid because she is suffering from AIDS.

Newspapers said they had been deluged by public calls after receiving the message, which also included a photograph of the maid.

The Saudi employer did not identify himself nor did he say where he lives. A Saudi interior ministry source was quoted as saying they are trying to locate the whereabouts of the man through his mobile number.

“The unknown Saudi also published the picture of that maid on social networks…he warned people against employing her or dealing with her as she is suffering from AIDS,” the Saudi Arabic language daily Arar said.

“His messages triggered public panic…many people called to enquire about that man and check if his message is true.”

Sorry but you are dead…

A Saudi man who went into his bank to have his cash card renewed was shocked when he was told they can not renew it on the grounds he died nearly 10 years ago, a newspaper reported on Saturday.

Despite his protests, the bank in the eastern port of Dammam was adamant in rejecting his request, saying they had official information he had died.

“He showed them his national identity card but they still could not believe him…he told them that he had a loan from the bank a few months ago and they still would not believe him,” Ajel daily said.

The man was told he must wait until the bank receives a notification from the head office confirming he is not dead.