Stranger befriends, rapes 7-year old boy

The parents of a seven-year-old boy who was playing in the courtyard of his house in Egypt, was shocked to see a labourer bring home their child.

According to an Al Wafd report, 30-year-old MM was seen raping the boy in the rest room of the mosque nearby.

A labourer, who was in the mosque, happened to see the act and rescued the child and brought him home.

The child said that the man befriended him while he was playing and took him to the mosque for prayers. He added that the stranger threatened to kill him if he told anyone of what he was doing to him.

The accused was arrested but denied the charges.

Give money or see your pixs on Net: girl threatens boyfriend

A Kuwaiti girl threatened to post her boyfriend’s pictures on social networking sites if he did not give her KD 3,000 (Dh39,171).

According to Al Rai reports, he filed a complaint with the police stating that she first requested his photographs in different indecent poses.

Once he sent them to her, she demanded money and threatened to upload the pictures on the net.

The girl is missing and police investigations are on.

Insecure fiancée does a bobbitt on lover

An Egyptian girl who was skeptical her fiancé would terminate their engagement, lured him to her place after chalking out a detailed plan to do away with him.

According to Masrawy website, the girl stabbed 25-year-old MM. She them chopped off his private part.

She discarded the knife that she used for killing and chopping and walked away.

After some time, the neighbours found his body in the hallway and informed cops.

The girl was arrested shortly thereafter and has confessed to the crime.

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