Two held in Saudi for carrying 'free hug' banner

Saudi Arabia’s religious police arrested two young local men for carrying a banner reading “free hug” in a public place.

The two said they were responding to another Saudi who appeared in a YouTube film calling for other men to join him in carrying this banner.

Members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice arrested the two men in Riyadh for violating local laws, Al Hayat daily said.

Car lift drives Saudi into more debt

A Saudi man suffering from accumulating debt decided to work overtime to pay back, but he later regretted his decision as it only increased his debt.

The man used his car to transport passengers at night and shuttled hundreds of kilometers almost daily from the capital Riyadh to the northern town of Tabuk.

“While he was at the bank to see how much of the debt left, he decided to check his traffic record there.

“He was shocked to learn that he has accumulated SR158,000 (Dh156,000) in fines through his taxi service,” Arar newspaper said.

The paper said the unnamed man regretted his decision to engage in that work and quoted a traffic police source as saying the man must pay all the fines.

Video: Sheep born with 3 legs in Saudi

A sheep was born with three legs in Saudi Arabia and its owner said he was determined to look after it despite warnings it would not live long.

The sheep was born in the northern town of Owaikala two weeks ago and now it has no problem mixing and walking with other sheep in the farm.

“I bought this sheep from its owner after I was attracted by its legs…dealers warned me that it such types of sheep will not live long but I am determined to look after it,” Saudi farmer Sultan Al Anzi said, quoted by Sabq daily.

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