Video: 'Crippled' beggar youth found to be fit and fine

Saudi men expose young man cheating

Two Saudi men walking past a presumably crippled Arab beggar were about to give him alms before suspecting the young man was cheating.

After threatening him, their suspicions came true as the man was found to be as healthy.

The beggar was standing near a shop in the town centre in the western Red Sea port of Jeddah when the two men walked past him.

At first they felt sorry for him when they saw he was leaning on a stick, his hands were almost paralysed and his mouth was twisted.

As they came close, they suspected that the man, wearing a dishdasha and an Arab cap, was just feigning he was a boy with special needs.

They tried to speak to him but he responded with a move by his hand, indicating he could not speak.

But the two men were not convinced. One of them pulled his mobile phone and began filming while the other cleverly gave the beggar two choices — either to stop acting and leave the place or he would be handed to the immigration department.

The 270-second YouTube film, carried by the Saudi Sabq newspaper, showed the beggar decided to call their bluff and continued acting, prompting the man to repeat his offer.

“We will not leave you alone unless you stop pretending, leave your stick and walk away like a healthy, not a crippled man,” one of them said to the beggar.

The film showed that the beggar tried again and again to persuade the two that he is really a crippled person who needs financial help.

“This is the last time I say it to you,” the Saudi told the beggar again as he sounded to have lost his patience. “Either you stop acting and walk away without the help of your stick, or we will hand you to the immigration right now.”

The film showed the beggar finally gives up. He drops the stick, straightens his hands and adjusts his twisted mouth to reveal a healthy young man, who has no speaking problems. He told them he was doing this because he was poor but they asked him to get away and warned him not to try such sneaky ways again.



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