'Witch' torn to pieces by car in suicide bid

Police officials found amulets and other magic items near the body. (Sabq)

An African woman involved in witchcraft was ripped into pieces when she was hit by a car after she sat in the middle of the motorway in Saudi Arabia to commit suicide.

The driver told police that he was travelling on the motorway near the Western town of Alkhurmah when he was caught off guard by the woman straddling the road.

He said that he tried to avert the woman but that he was too close, adding that the woman was split on impact into several pieces.

Sabq daily quoted police as saying the woman committed suicide by sitting in the middle of the highway and that they are investigating her motives.

“Police said the woman was involved in witchcraft as they found amulets and other magic items in her clothes…people who knew the woman confirmed this,” it said.

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