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Salesman gropes two boys and abuses them

An Indian supermarket salesman allegedly assaulted and abused two brothers aged 6 and 8-years-old while they were playing in their residence building, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

MM and his brother AM were playing in the corridor in front of their resident hen RT, salesman approached them and made obscene hand gesture pointing figure to body parts.

He then asked the two boys to undo their trousers. The salesman groped the two boys before they could ran into their flat.

He also used objectionable language to the two boys.

"That was not the first time he did that to me and to my brother, testified MM and his father MS, Yemeni.

The two boy, who were very scared, told their father what had happened but the father could not see the salesman.

"I went down and complained to the manager of the supermarket,” said the father.

The manager confronted the salesman RT, and the latter admitted to the crime.

Other boys in the building revealed that the salesman used to do the same with all of them while they were playing in the corridors or in the vicinity of the building.

The father reported the crime to the police. However, CCTV recordings were not gathered from the crime scene, the father told investigators.

Police arrested RT who admitted to the crime and asked for forgiveness, testified First Corporal Anwar Sayed.

The court will reconvene on May 29.