2 men declared wrongfully imprisoned $1.45m each

Ohio has agreed to pay about $1.45 million each to two men declared wrongfully imprisoned for more than 16 years in a woman's 1988 slaying.

The Ohio Court of Claims announced Thursday it has approved a settlement between the state and Robert Gondor and Randy Resh. The men were 24 years old when a man who pleaded guilty in the murder of 31-year-old Connie Nardi in Portage County implicated them as accomplices.

Both were convicted. But they continued to argue their innocence.

Resh was acquitted in a retrial. Charges against Gondor were dropped. The men were freed in 2007.

A 2014 civil case ruling affirmed by an appeals court found both men were wrongfully imprisoned.

An attorney for Resh and Gondor says they're moving forward with their lives.