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Craigslist scammer arrested after fatal hit-and-run

Pic: AP

Murray Blackmon, 65, is facing multiple charges, including homicide by vehicle, Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill said in a statement.

Officers responded to a 911 call earlier that day about a man who was run over in a Home Depot parking lot in Morrow.

Police believe Blackmon had met with the man to supposedly sell him a laptop. At some point, Blackmon sped off with the victim hanging from the car’s passenger side, police said. Authorities say Blackmon slammed on his brakes, causing the victim to fall and suffer fatal injuries.

Footage from the parking lot shows the victim desperately clinging on to the vehicle, moments before he was flung to the ground.

“There’s absolutely no doubt, period, after looking at the video that this individual knew this gentleman was hanging on to his car,” Clayton County Police Capt. Stefan Schindler told WSB-TV.

Blackmon has an extensive criminal history and has carried out Craigslist scams in which he would drive off with innocent people’s money, investigators said.

The victim’s identity has not been released.