Crazy World: Man straddles sleeping woman on bus

Woman woke up to see the man harrassing her

PITTSBURGH: State police have arrested a man on a Greyhound bus near Pittsburgh after a woman says she woke up to find the man straddling her and exposing himself.

Forty-nine-year-old Ronald Miller Jr., of Philadelphia, was in custody Thursday and awaiting arraignment before a Pittsburgh City Court judge on charges of indecent exposure, disorderly conduct and harassment.

State police say the incident happened before 7 a.m., when the bus was eastbound on Interstate 376 shortly after it left the downtown Pittsburgh terminal.

Police say the 21-year-old woman screamed to alert the driver, who pulled over and called police.

Troopers say the man was mumbling and may have mental health issues, which will be reviewed while he's held at the Allegheny County Jail.

Greyhound officials did not immediately return a call for comment.

Nude cannibal bites man's arm

FLORIDA: A man stripped down and bit on a chunk of flesh from another man's arm in Florida. Police were summoned to the scene, but the suspect refused to be subdued by his victim and police officials.

The 26-year-old suspect, Charles Baker was under the influence of drugs when he was visiting his girlfriend and their children in Florida. He barged into his girlfriend's home and started throwing the furniture all over the place and even took off his clothes, reports WFTS-TV.

A man called Blake who was living in the house tried to subdue the attacker. However, he latched on to Blake's arm and bit off a chunk of his flesh.

Police officials arrived on the scene and gave him verbal warning but Baker was beyond any warnings. The police used taser on him but the shock did not have any effect initially. They had to use the taser gun thrice before they were able to bring him under control and handcuff him.

It's not clear what drug Baker had taken, but there have been a spate of bizarre incidents involving people who were under the influence of synthetic drugs marketed as "bath salts".

In a similar incident in May, a man was shot dead by Miami police as he ate the face of another man. The attacker was found to be under the influence of a potent LSD-like drug called bath salts. Police had said that the suspect in the gruesome incident on a Miami causeway had overdosed before chewing on his victim's lips, ears, eyes and nose and ripping off strips of flesh with his teeth.
Woman forced to sit near corpse during flight

TANZANIA: A woman who was travelling on an international flight faced a gruelling time when she had to sit through the flight with a dead man in the neighbouring seat.

The Swedish woman was forced to spend 10 hours next to a corpse after fellow passenger died en route to Tanzania,  the Expressen daily reported.

The woman, a journalist for Radio Sweden, said that when she boarded the Kenya Airways flight at Amsterdam Airport, she noticed that the man in his 30s was looking unwell. He was 'sweating' and also suffered seizures.

The man died just hours into the overnight flight to Tanzania. The cabin crew was forced to lay him across 3 seats and cover him with a blanket. However, the woman claims that his legs and feet were sticking out.

The woman did not kick up a fuss over the incident but did complain to the airline. She received half her ticket cost and an apology from Kenya Airways. 
Two schoolgirls badly burnt after teachers ban sunscreen

NEW YORK: Two children suffered suburns and have blisters on their faces after they were banned by their teacher from using sunscreen on school field day.

Both siblings, aged 11 and 9, were seared from head to toe by the time they reached home. The school policy did not allow them to apply the sunscreen lotion, reports Daily Mail.

But according to the policy, kids are not allowed to carry sunscreen lotions to school since the different chemicals can cause allergic reaction among children, reports ABC News.

The mother said that although she understands the logic behind the policy, a blanket ban does not work. What made matters worse was that one of her kids suffer from Allbinism and the school was aware of that. To rub some more salt on raw wounds, one of the teachers openly used sunscreen herself, however, she did not allow the girls to use any, saying it was 'just for her'.

Following the mother's complaint and push for a revision in the no-suncscreen policy, schools are hoping that they would be allowed to decide for themselves what's allowed and what's not.
Man bites police dog's ears while trying to escape

US: A fugitive who was trying to escape from cops did the unthinkable. Once the police were tipped off, they chased after the man who was wanted in connection with a non-fatal shooting. The 22-year-old took off on foot. But a police sniffer dog soon caught up with him.

However, the man in a desperate bid to flee, tore into the 2-year-old dog’s ear with his teeth, severing it in two and requiring more than 15 stitches, reports news agency ANI.

The dog also bit the man in his thigh. The police were shocked to see someone cannibalise a dog.

The man now faces a battery of charges, including felony assault on law enforcement animal, resisting arrest, assault on a law enforcement officer, property damage and possession of a Schedule VI controlled substance.
Bus driver beaten to death over damage to car mirror

A school bus driver who was beaten into a coma after a minor traffic accident along his route has died of his injuries, his employer said Saturday.

Juan DelValle, 65, was taken off life support and died Friday at the hospital where he had been treated since the June 11 attack, an Atlantic Express Transportation Group spokeswoman said.

"The career of a school bus driver is a demanding one with great responsibility, but it should never be one where hardworking, honourable people are subjected to vicious and senseless violence," the company said in a statement.

DelValle, an Atlantic Express employee for eight years, was driving down a Bronx street when his yellow bus clipped the side mirror on a double-parked car.

Two middle school students were on the bus at the time; they weren't hurt.

DelValle got out of the bus, and the car's driver accosted and punched him, authorities said.

With the middle-schoolers looking on, DelValle was knocked off his feet, and his head hit the pavement.

He never regained consciousness, Atlantic Express spokeswoman Carolyn Daly said.The car's driver has been charged with assault and is jailed on $250,000 bond.

He hasn't entered a plea, court records show. He's due back in court on Monday. DelValle, who was from Puerto Rico, was preparing to retire, Daly said."He was a wonderful, gentle man who did his job professionally and with great dedication and compassion," the company said.

Funeral arrangements have not been announced. (AP)

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