Crime: Woman bites off mom's thumb

US: A 21-year-old got into an argument with her mother, only to bit her thumb off when the issue escalated.

Police officials say Kristie Foley may have swallowed her mum's finger as they were engaged in a bathtub brawl in the apartment that the duo share, reveals NY Daily News.

Officials claim that the girl took several bites of her 42-year-old mother while she was soaking in the tub. They termed it a case of domestic cannibalism.

The woman was admitted to a nearby hospital with several bite wounds all over her body. The missing piece of her thumb was not found anywhere.

The girl was found hiding at her sister's place three days after the incident.
100 shot dead in week since school massacre

US: Even as US President Barack Obama vowed to take action on gun control, Huffington Post strated compiling the the number of deaths due to shooting in the US and they came up with an three-digit round figure.

In the shocking expose of gun violence in America,  a week after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in which 20 children and 6 adults lost their lives, the daily has revealed that it logged more than hundred gun-related deaths after tracking incidents with the help of Google and Nexis.

The deaths included murder-suicides, and ranged from babies through to grandparents, reveals the daily.

The daily pointed out that in no way was this out of the norm.

"This is by no means a definitive tally. In 2010, there were more than twice that many homicides alone in an average week," the daily said.

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