Dad rapes, kills pregnant daughter for honour

In a gross and brutal act a father raped and murdered his pregnant daughter because she had married against his consent.

The 17-year-old girl had eloped with her 19-year-old boyfriend from her village in Uttar Pradesh a few months ago.

They allegedly wed in a temple in Mumbai and he took up a job of a labourer.

According to reports in ToI, the girl’s father, 45, tracked them down two weeks ago and confronted them.

The father along with his friend forcibly took his daughter, who was four months pregnant by then, to the friend’s house.

But when the girl refused to return to the village, in a fit of rage, the father pulled her out into the nearby jungle and raped her. Then he asked his friend also to rape her in order “to teach her a lesson for tarnishing his family name”, police is quoted as saying.

Later, fearing she would report the matter, the duo strangled her with her dress and left her body in the open.

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The following day they returned to confirm if she was dead and hid her body in the bush.

The incident came to light, when the father in a drunken state, mentioned about raping and killing his daughter to a waiter in a restaurant, who in turn told his boss. The latter alerted police.

The duo has been arrested. They led police to the decomposed body.

Police are on the lookout for the girl’s boyfriend.

Lover chops fashion designer to pieces

A young fashion designer’s dismembered body was found from two different places.

The 31-year-old, who was in a relationship with a restaurant manager, went missing late last month.

Her 11-year-old son rang up her sister to say his mom was missing and she filed a police complaint.

Investigations led them to her dismembered body packed in plastic bags.

According to a ToI report, the 36-year-old suspect murdered her because she forced him to marry her while he is engaged to wed another woman.

Investigating police officials said, he invited her to his staff quarters on Oct 29 and on some pretext led her to the bathroom, where he had hid a knife.

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There he chopped her head off and separated her limbs from her torso as well and packed them up in different plastic bags and dumped them at different spots away from his home the same night.

Some auto drivers revealed having seen him dump bags that night.

Both of them were in a relationship for the last three years, says her sister.

He has been arrested.

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