Husband kills nagging wife over affair


A couple's married life that lasted more than 40 years, concluded with a tragedy. 
The husband, James Bland, stabbed his wife Carole, with a kitchen knife after he came to know that she had cheated on him, a UK court heard. 
The nagging wife who had a penchant for extravagant spending drove her husband up the wall, reports UK daily Mirror.
The 62-year-old 'henpecked' husband could not take it any more after his nagging wife admitted having an affair. 
At the court, Carole's mother said that her daughter was wicked as she had made her husband's life miserable for 44 years. 
Bland's trial was on at Liverpool Crown Court and he was jailed for six years. He is a father and granddad from Radcliffe, says the daily.
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