Jealous wife bites stewardess’ finger

A Saudi woman bit the finger of an Egyptian stewardess during a fight triggered by accusations the cabin crew member was molesting her husband who was sat next to her during a flight to the capital Riyadh.

The Saudi woman screamed at the young stewardess after noticing that she was giving “too much interest” to her husband, Kabar newspaper said.

“A fight then erupted in the aircraft and the Saudi woman then jumped on the stewardess and bit her finger,” its aid, adding that the Egyptian reported the Saudi women to the airport police after landing.

Boy on trial for 134 'false reports'

A 15-year-old Saudi boy is standing trial for making 134 false reports to police and civil defence, including fake car accidents and fires.

The unnamed boy made the reports over a period of three months and was waiting for the patrols to come to direct them to the presumed accident.

“When police or civil defence patrols would arrive to the site, he would hide and phone them to direct them…he would say ‘I can see you…the accident is in the back side…please go quickly,” Sharq newspaper said in a report from the eastern province of Qatif. It did not say how the boy was caught.


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