Man sets fire to house killing his family

A drunken man, who stabbed his wife because of a family dispute, set fire to the house which killed him, his wife, three-year-old daughter and his mother-in-law, while his father-in-law and the sister-in-law were injured in the ablaze, ‘Lakbima’ reported.

The incident had come as a result of his wife had been worrying for her household members who had angered him, police alleged.

This pathetic occurrence had taken place on Sunday night around 9.30 pm at Raja Avenue, Kandasurindugama in the sacred Kataragama town.

Victims had been identified as, Chandra Keerthi Suraweera, suspect husband (36), wife S. P. Sabeetha, daughter Randima (03) and mother-in-law Leelawathi (70).

Keerthi and wife Sabeetha had died instantly while Sabeetha’s mother had succumbed to her injuries on the way to the hospital and the daughter had died after admission to the Hambantota hospital.

The husband and wife had not been in good terms for a long time and both had been arguing frequently as Keerthi’s wife was caring her kith and kin.

On the day of the incident, Keerthi, had come home drunk, had called his wife to move out to another house with the child which the wife had refused.

The neighbours had rushed to the scene and put out the fire after informing the police.

Hambantota police are investigating while the magisterial inquiry was due to be taken.

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