Man slashes girl's back as he wanted to 'kill someone'

A 12-year-old girl was stabbed at the back by a man just because he wanted to kill someone. She was attacked while she was playing outside with her three-year-old brother.

The Court was told by the culprit that stabbing the girl made him 'feel good' and so he did it again at a different part of her back, the paper reported. The 31-year-old described the act 'like slicing butter', reports Daily Mail.

He liked the experience so much that he even thought of repeating it by walking over to nearby houses and just ringing the doorbell.

But fortunately, he changed his mind and after walking off from the crime scene, he waited in a nearby field for a few hours and surrendered himself at a police station.

The man had hoped that the girl would die after the incident. He wanted to see the child's father mourning for her and he wanted everyone to know that he could not be 'messed with'.

The pre-teen girl is now permanently scarred and both the girl and her family are psychologically affected.

The man committed the crime as he was facing financial difficulties and he wanted to land in jail.

The man has pleaded guilty in court and been sentenced to life imprisonment for the grotesque crime.

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