Rejected suitor throws acid on ex-model’s face

21-year-old fashion model has been badly scarred, following the incident. (Shutterstock)

An Asian man in Dubai sprayed acid on the face of an ex-model of the same nationality after she refused to marry him, according to police.

The accused waited for the 21-year-old girl to walk out of her apartment and threw the acid on her face and neck.
The man fell in love with the girl, after she arrived in the emirate to join her sister, who works in Dubai.
"He asked her to marry him but she politely turned down the request…he then threw acid on her, in front of her home.
"He then threatened that he would drink acid if she refused him," Dubai’s deputy police commander for CID affairs Major General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri said, quoted by local newspapers.
He said the girl was rushed to hospital with serious burns in her face and neck while the man was arrested.
"After she was discharged from hospital, she was suffering from psychological condition and her face and neck were deformed…we offered psychological support for her while charity groups paid her treatment expenses," he added.
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