School tries to hide boy's gang rape

US: Authorities have accused a Nebraska school superintendent, principal and coach of failing to report the alleged sexual assault of a young high school wrestler by several teammates last summer.

The Nebraska State Patrol on Tuesday cited the three Maxwell Public Schools officials - Superintendent Danny Twarling, Principal Aubrey Boucher, and head wrestling coach Ryan Jones - for suspicion of failure to report child abuse or neglect, which is a misdemeanor.

Lincoln County Attorney Rebecca Harling didn't immediately return a Friday phone message enquiring whether her office was considering charging the officials or the alleged assailants. Patrol Lt. Lynn Williams said that as of Friday, no legal action had been taken against any of the Maxwell High School team members.

Patrol Investigator Carlos Trevino, in an affidavit, said several members of the wrestling team were present during the alleged attack at a wrestling camp last summer. According to the alleged victim and two boys who said they witnessed but didn't take part in the attack, two team members held down the younger boy while another sodomized him with a soda bottle. On another occasion, at least one team member allegedly groped the victim on a school bus, Trevino said.

Last month, state troopers exercised a search warrant on Maxwell High School and seized personnel files, correspondence and other records. In the warrant, investigators said they expected to find evidence of reported sexual abuse or assaults, intimidation, inappropriate touching and language, and hazing at the school.

Twarling, reached Friday by phone, read a statement confirming that district employees were served with citations on Tuesday.

"The school district maintains that it adheres to both the state law and district policy and reports all incidents of abuse and neglect to the proper authorities when there is reasonable cause to make such a report as provided under Nebraska law," Twarling said.

He declined to comment further or answer questions. Neither Boucher nor Jones immediately responded to phone messages and emails Friday seeking comment.

Authorities began investigating following a call to a child abuse hotline, said Williams, who declined to say who placed the call or what was discussed.

According to the affidavit, a woman from the district brought the alleged camp assault to the attention of the principal, Boucher, writing in a letter that her family members wouldn't be enrolled in the district because she had seen video of the attack.

Williams said investigators haven't seen such video, and he wouldn't say whether investigators believe it exists. The affidavit doesn't explain who might have recorded the assault.

The woman told investigators that Boucher contacted her after receiving her letter and told her "he would get to the bottom of it." She said she tried following up with Boucher over the next two days, but that he was never available to take her calls and he never returned her messages.

The woman said she asked the boy if he had told his coach about the assault, and that the boy "said he was told, 'What happens in wrestling, stays in wrestling.'" It's unclear from the affidavit whether the boy said he did tell the coach and whether it was the coach who allegedly responded that way.

Two students told investigators that they told Boucher that they witnessed the abuse, Trevino said in the affidavit. The alleged victim told investigators that Boucher called him a liar and "a rumor spreader."

Both Boucher and Twarling told investigators that they knew of the sexual assault accusations and that they had determined that the accusations were unfounded. Nebraska teachers, administrators, medical professionals and others in positions of authority are required by law to report cases of suspected child abuse or neglect to law enforcement. (AP)

Man fakes abduction, murder to teach wife a lesson

INDIA: A 35-year-old teacher who was having an extramarital affair with his student in the Indian capital of New Delhi went to extremes to carry on his immoral activities.

He faked his own abduction and murder to start a new life in Dehradun. However, he was tracked closely and arrested by Indian police, reports Press Trust of India.

The man staged his abduction on September 5 when his coaching institute entrance was partially opened and he went missing while blood stains were found inside the premises.

Forsenic investigations proved that the scene of possible abduction and murder was staged.

The police officials closely tracked his cellphone and found him hinding in Dehradun. He had shaved his head and moustache in order to hide his identity. The man told police that he was fed up of the altercations with his wife over his affair with his student and he wanted to teach her a lesson.

Dog pee house rented for $500 per week

AUSTRALIA: A landlord who rented out a house that reeked of urine stench for $500 per week has been fined $1,500.

The tenants had to shell out hundreds of dollars as their rented home reeked of dog pee all the time, reports Herald Sun

The couple sued the landlord and demanded compensation, which included 95 per cent reduction in rent, $1,500 for cleaning expenses and $2,500 for loss of income, the daily said.

They received at least part of what they had demaded.

Baby flung from balcony, dies

INDIA: In a shocking incident, a toddler was thrown from the balcony of his second floor home by his father.

The little boy battled for life for 24 hours in a hospital in Jodhpur before succumbing to his injuries, reports Times News Network

Police investigations revealed that the little one's parents were going through a rough patch in their life. The couple have three other daughters.

On the day the tragedy unfolded, the couple had entered into a heated argument. In a fit of rage, the father picked up his fourth child and just threw him over the balcony.

The neighbours rushed the child to the hospital. The police have charged the father with the murder.

Teenager suffers second-degree burns at McDonalds

SINGAPORE: A 16-year-old girl from Singapore suffered horrific burns at the McDonald's outlet at Scape after she accidentally spilled hot tea on herself as her table tipped forward.

The girl claims that the accident occurred because the table moved even as she was trying to open a sachet of chilli sauce. She also told that the employees at the fast food outlet did not help her. 

However, McDonalds told the daily that they offered to help her twice and they went back and checked the table and it was in proper condition and not wobbly. The girl was dining alfresco with her boyfriend and she was about to bite into her fillet-o-fish when the incidnet occurred.

The girl's parents are threatening to sue the retail chain, the website said.

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