Video: 2-year-old kills dad during wedding

Also: Woman killed lover for losing money in casino


A two-year-old Syrian boy accidentally shot dead his father by his own gun the man has just used in a wedding before the Arab country was rocked by a civil war.

A brief YouTube film released this week showed the Mohammed Tabba has just finished shooting in the air and put his gun on the table during the wedding in the northern city of Aleppo.

The film showed the boy picked the loaded gun, aimed at his father and fired. Newspapers said the father was killed by the bullet which hit his left side and pierced into his heart. “He was rushed to hospital but died there,” an eye witness said.


Wife teams up with boyfriend to kill former hubby

Police of Al Buhaira governorate of Egypt found a body floating in Al Khairy canal, reported Al Tahrir newspaper.

The person was strangled to death by a woman’s scarf  and the legs and hands were tied with a rope.

It was identified as Abdul Maqsoud. A, a 46-year old person with a criminal record.

Al Delinjat police received a tip about the body in the canal. Their investigations indicated that the perpetrators of the crime were his 33-year old ex-wife identified as Sabah-M and her boyfriend, 28-year old Juma-H-A.

After ex-husband discovered that his wife was involved in an illicit relationship with Juma-A, he divorced his wife and tried to return her but she refused and started defaming him and announced among the inhabitants that he divorced her because of her bad reputation.

The investigation showed that the victim informed one of his neighbors that he had received  a phone call from the accused who threatened him with death.

The police arrested the two accused where they admitted to committing the crime to take revenge from the victim and as well to be able to marry.

The police referred the case to the prosecution to complete the investigations.


Woman kills lover for losing money in casino

Philippines: Ernesto Chaves Mateo, a 54-year-old retired special police officer 1, was shot dead before dawn Saturday by his live-in partner, who got pissed off when he lost a big amount of money in a casino in Metro Manila’s Pasay City.

The suspect, Cynthia Baybayon, 48, is now detained at the Homicide Section of Manila Police District (MPD) while awaiting formal charges of homicide to be filed against her.

The tabloid ‘Pilipino Star Ngayon’, quoting police reports, today said neighbours of the couple called in the police after they heard four shots fired at Mateo’s place at 1911 Campillo Street, in Manila’s Malate district, at around 4am yesterday.

Police said they found the bloodied body of Mateo, who was shot fatally by Baybayon, an area supervisor in a carpark who resides on Lourdes Street, Pasay City, minutes after they arrived at his house following a bad night at the casino.

MPD Police Officer 3 Rommel del Rosario said the money lost got the couple into a heated argument, where the victim took his .22-calibre pistol from its holster and tried to scare the suspect. But Baybayon managed to grab the firearm from Mateo and shot him.

Mateo, who used to be a member of the Pasay City Police District, had availed of an early-retirement programme offered by government, and had since been leading a life of leisure. (Correspondent)

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