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Wife orders goons to kill hubby for money

MANILA: Police are now on the hunt for a woman who had organized her husband’s killing over an argument involving their business, according to media reports.

Vivian Garcia allegedly entered into a contract-killing agreement with some criminals to get her her husband murdered. Ricardo Garcia was shot dead on Saturday night by two men on a motorcycle in the province of Cavite.

Police Inspector Valero Bueno said initial investigation shows that the wife had threatened to kill her husband many times,

The police recovered a letter left behind by the victim saying that his wife would be the likely culprit should something bad happen to him.

Ricardo’s murder occurred at 7.30pm on June 22, in Barangay San Vicente, Silang town, while he was on his way home after a day’s work at his business establishment.

Bueno said the police have widened their manhunt of the killers and their mastermind.

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