UAE banks' credit card rates


Name of the bank Rates/fees/charges



HSBC Premier monthly

finance charges on purchases 2.25%

Monthly finance charges on cash advance 2.25%

Late payment fees Dh 100

Mashreq Bank

Mashreq Platinum Credit Card 2.59%

Mashreq Gold Credit Card 2.99%

Mashreq Classic Credit Card 2.99%

Etisalat Mashreq Platinum Credit Card 2.99%

Etisalat Mashreq Gold Credit Card 2.99%

Etisalat Mashreq Classic Credit Card 2.99%

Air Arabia Mashreq Platinum Card 2.99%

Air Arabia Mashreq Classic Card 2.99%

Grand Entertainment Card 2.99%

Mashreq Millionaire Gold Credit Card 2.99%


Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Platinum Card, Titanium Card, Gold Card, Classic Card, Manhattan Card, or Business Card finance charges 2.99%

Late payment and Over limit fee (for all cards mentioned above) Dh179

Cash advance fee for Platinum card 3% or Dh60

Cash advance fee for Titanium and Gold cards 3% or Dh99

Cash advance fee for Classic and Manhattan cards 3% or Dh110

Cash advance fee for Business card 3% or Dh85


The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)

Minimum amount due for Gold Card, Classic Card, Smart Traveller Gold Card, Smart Traveller Classic Card, RBS Jumbo Card, Al Ameera Card, NRI Card,Platinum/ Williams Platinum Card, and Weekend Card: 5% or Dh100 (Whichever is higher). In case of Weekend Card 7% or Dh100 (Whichever is higher)

Maximum interest free days available for these cards (in case of 100% payment on or before due date): 51 days 

Cash advance fee 3% of each advance amount or Dh60 (whichever is higher)

Finance charges on all types of transactions, calculated from transaction date till repayment (on average daily balance method): 2.89% per month for Gold and Smart Traveller Gold Card, 2.95% per month for Classic, Smart Traveller Classic, RBS Jumbo, Al Ameera, NRI, and Platinum/Williams Platinum Cards, 2.99% per month for Weekend Card

Over limit and late payment charge Dh159


Dubai Islamic Bank

Monthly fee starting from Dh75, No annual fee on credit cards no interest charged


National Bank Of Abu Dhabi

Between 2% to 2.75% per Credit card rates depend on month for NBAD banking type of card customers and Between 2.25% to 2.99% per month for non-NBAD customers

Source: As per banks' information. The rates, fees and charges are subject to change


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