Abu Dhabi bakeries told to return empty flour sacks

The Abu Dhabi Grand Mills for Flour and Feed Company has asked all bakeries in the emirate to return empty sacks after using flour. The step aims to prevent bakeries from selling subsidised flour at a higher price.

Since July last year the company has been giving sacks with code numbers printed on them in order to stop illegal practices by bakeries wherein they sell flour at a higher price to clients outside the emirate, reported 'Al Khaleej' newspaper.The company also has details of the quantities provided to each bakery.    

Most bakeries have signed an agreement to return used sacks.This will also  help keep prices under check and bring stability to the commodities market, an official at the company said. 

However, sources from a few bakeries say the rule may not be quite effective as they can always return the coded sacks to the company after emptying the flour into other sacks and later reselling them at higher prices.


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