Sunland says David Brown is helping probe


David Brown, Chief Operating Officer (Middle East) of Sunland Group Limited, is a witness to the authority's investigation, a statement from the group said yesterday.

The group reconfirmed that "no allegations have been made against Sunland or its executives in respect to its activities in Dubai. Brown is not a subject of investigation, nor has been arrested or detained" as reported by media. Some reports, had alleged that "David Brown, architect and the Middle Eastern head of Sunland Group, a Queensland development company, has been interrogated at least eight times and has had his passport confiscated in relation to a bribery investigation".

Managing Director Sahba Abedian said: "Sunland fully supports government's commitment to ensure the region's property market is transparent. We will continue to provide assistance. Maintaining the highest ethical standards has long been a core value of Sunland."


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