Dubai Maritime City to boost brand awareness in Asia


Dubai Maritime City, the world’s first purpose-built maritime centre and member of the Dubai World Group, is poised to expand its international network and bolster brand recognition in the Asian region.

Dubai Maritime City’s participation in the forthcoming Asia Pacific Maritime (APM) 2008 exhibition and conference in Singapore will be a step towards consolidating its global reputation as the world’s leading, multi-purpose maritime centre that caters to all maritime-related businesses and activities.

APM 2008 is an established marketing platform in Asia and the Pacific, and is also a powerful networking venue that explores trends and recent developments in the maritime industry, particularly in the high-growth markets of India and China.

“Dubai Maritime City continues its aggressive marketing campaign with our high-profile participation in APM 2008, which we believe will help us reaffirm our position as the most innovative and sophisticated maritime complex, and the best equipped maritime authority in the world,” said Amer Ali, CEO, Dubai Maritime City.

“Our strategy involves partnering with the most prominent global exhibitions and conferences, and I am very pleased that we have successfully created a strong impression in the various events that we have participated. With its extensive international coverage and high-level participation, the APM is an ideal platform for us to deliver a powerful awareness campaign about the excellent integrated features of Dubai Maritime City,” said Ali.

APM 2008 provides participants a comprehensive business experience, integrating exhibition, conference, supplementary activities and networking events in one setting. The event also boasts a high-profile participation, which includes ship owners, ship managers, ship builders, shipyard management, technology suppliers, equipment manufacturers and industry groups.

The event’s conference provides in-depth discussions on topical issues affecting the maritime industry, including global shipping outlook, new developments in logistics and ports, innovations in shipbuilding technology and techniques, the latest equipment and products, investment opportunities as well as legal aspects of the industry. Additionally, there are presentations and symposiums regarding the Asian shipping environment, particularly growing prospects in China and India.

“This is a good marketing opportunity to build new networks and exchange practices and techniques with Asian and world leaders in the maritime industry. More importantly, Dubai Maritime City will leverage its prominent role in the event to promote Dubai and the rest of the Gulf region’s significant progress in our transformation into becoming a global maritime hub through state-of-the-art infrastructure developments,” said Ali.